Joseph H.   Pilates

Creator of Contrology

                        1883 - 1967

Joseph left his native Germany for New York in April 1926. He established a studio with his to be life partner, Clara, on 8th avenue.  They taught Joseph's method of body conditioning, then called contrology.  The studio soon developed a devoted following among the local dance and performing arts community.  Of particular note was George Balanchine, Martha Graham, Honya Holm, and Ted Shawn.                                             

The average person uses only 25% of the mechanical motions of the body, champions of sports 50%, acrobats 75%—but when a man or woman can use all the apparatus in this gym as easily as he can write his name, he uses 100%
— Joseph Pilates, Creator of Contrology

Romana Kryzanowska

Our mentor and teacher

                            1923 - 2013

Romana was sent by George Balanchine to Joseph Pilates at the age of 17 to work on an ankle injury.  Romana became one of Pilates most devoted students.  In 1958 she began working side by side with Joe and Clara at their studio.  After the death of Joseph Pilates she helped run the studio with Clara.  In 1970 Romana became the director of the studio and the foremost expert of  Pilates' work.             

Nobody knows Joseph Pilates’ work better than Romana Kryzanowska
— Jay Grimes, Pilates "Elder"

Pure joe Pilates studios

your source for pilates

                          1999 - present

Looking to avoid back surgery Pure Joe co-founder, Michael Rooks, found Pilates and by great fortune, Romana.  The result was not only a return to health but also a 23 year personal and professional relationship with Romana.  Learning and working with her inspired Michael to share Romana's knowledge of Pilates with others. Michael and former business partner, Andrea Burkholder,  brought Pure Joe alive to fulfill that mission.  

Joe would be truly pleased were he alive to see this studio (Pure Joe). It is not just good teaching but great teaching
— Romana Kryzanowska, Pilates Master

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